Our comprehensive list of Services is crafted to suit the diverse needs of our consumer base. For an in-depth look at our services, please click the prescribed links below.

Project Management Global Institute

The Project Management Global Institute (PMGI) is owned and operated by DPM International. PMGI is a global leader in project management training and is a full-service training institution providing students with project management training, research and opportunities to gain practical experiences whilst studying. The Institute offers Diplomas, Certificate and short courses as well as exam preparation courses in project management, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Project Management

In the area of Project Management we assist organisations to develop project plans for their strategic initiatives as well as to establish their own project management office (PMO).

We also offer training in project management

Strategic Planning

We assist organisations to focus their attention on devising strategies that are energised and optimised towards achieving their organisational goals.

Curriculum Design

At DPM International we leverage over 30 years of expertise to design curriculum in the areas of Project Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and more.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We provide a wide range of Monitoring and Evaluation services tailored to your industry, including the design of M&E strategies to better help organisations and governments understand the complex nature of development.