Sherrone Blake Lobban

Sherrone LobbanSherrone Blake Lobban (MA-Econ, PMP) is the Founding CEO and former Chairman of DPM International. She currently serves on the board of a couple of companies including DPM International and PMGI.

Sherrone is an avid advocate of results-oriented, people centric development planning and implementation. Sherrone’s areas of specialisation are graphic facilitation, strategic planning; project management; customs and financial sanctions monitoring, programme monitoring & evaluation and curriculum development. She has worked with the government of Jamaica, and international organisations including the Inter-American Development Bank, UK’s Development for International Development (DFID) and the United Nations.

Sherrone is an expert in various areas of customs and financial sanctions monitoring and since 2005 has been serving in an Expert capacity as a member of several United Nations Expert Panels on issues concerning Côte d’Ivoire, Iraq, Lebanon and Sudan. Her most recent mission was in 2015.

Sherrone continues to contribute to the growth of project management evidenced through several innovative initiatives including the founding of the Project Management Global Institute; installation of the prestigious bi-annual Project Management and Young Project Management of the Year Awards; and establishment of the first Project Management Summer School for youths in Jamaica. Sherrone has also contributed to the growth and development of the entrepreneurial sector in the Caribbean, through her involvement with the Young Entrepreneur Association of Jamaica, where she previously served as Chair of the Ethics Committee.